I'm yawnbox, welcome to my blog. I'm an autistic privacy and security engineer from the Pacific Northwest living in the Netherlands. My history in privacy is briefly discussed here. I am a selective non-conformer: I am atheist, sober, vegan, feminist, anti-war, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist.

If you ever see me around at CCC, DEF CON, or any other hacker con, please feel free to say hello!

yawnbox.com is now coded using Zola, a static site generator, and written using VSCodium.

yawnbox.com has been around since 2004 when I bought the domain for sharing my thoughts about philosophy to my friends and family online. Over the years I've transitioned to discussing aspects of privacy, security, and linux with the goal of lowering the bar with useful education. It makes me very happy to teach these topics to people for free.

I've stricly never used web trackers on yawnbox.com becaue I reject surveillance capitalism. I don't know how many people read my content. However, due to how much engagement I have about various articles, I know that "How to Use an iPad as a Secure Calling and Messaging Device" is the most popular article. It's not without controversy.