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This is my humble Now page. Below are my personal projects, which are all secondary to supporting and loving my incredible partner, Dustin.


I'm an American immigrant moving to the Netherlands using the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. My partner and I have long desired to live in NL, and since we are both self-employed freelancers now, DAFT is an incredible opportunity to try something significantly new.

Stellar Wind

Stellar Wind is my first successful for-profit company. I've had a few past attempts at starting LLCs, but I never took them anywhere. Given my 13+ years in data protection and 6+ years in platform security, I decided to start consulting on my own. Stellar Wind LLC will be used for work in the United States, and I'm starting Stellar Wind BV in the Netherlands for consulting in the European Union.

Emerald Onion

Emerald Onion has been a successful, small, human rights nonprofit for 6+ years. I'm very proud of it. I am hoping to launch a Dutch nonprofit soon as a European branch of Emerald Onion, and to operate Tor relays in the Netherlands.


I joined the French Pirate Party's Mastdon server in April 2017 as an alternative to Twitter. In 2021, after purchasing, I launched my own Mastodon server there. If you are intersted in checking out Mastodon, or would like to change servers, please reach out for an invite! I intentionally keep small. Due to the fact that the fediverse has many features that preserve human rights and personal dignity, Mastodon is the only social network that I use now.

Star Citizen

Since 2012 I've been into Star Citizen. I have an original backer account, though I've only been heavily backing since 2016. I've been a gamer since before I can remember; Star Wars Galaxies was the best game I've ever played, and I've been waiting years for an MMORPG that can come close to how good it was. If you're interested in checking out Star Citizen, use my referal code: STAR-FZPR-XF2M

Blogging has been my space to publish my thoughts and opinions since 2004. I deeply value this capability, to not be tied to any centralized publishing platforms, and to speak freely without barriers.


Since May 2023 I've been working on a long-term project, converting a 34' steel sailboat from diesel to electric. My intent is to liveaboard and travel, all being off-grid in terms of drinking water and electricity.


Given my history as a privacy activist, one of the niche areas that I want to grow into is called neurorights. I would like to write a science fiction book that will largely focus around this topic.