Another attempt to get someone to use good encryption

I have something that I want to talk with you about over a trustworthy medium or in person. I presume you’re using an iPhone these days which is cool. Signal is the iOS app that uses the Axolotl encryption protocol that is compatible with my Android (TextSecure). It’s a platform that I know you’d appreciate if you learned about it. Moxie Marlinspike (a pseudonym) is the hacker/activist behind Open Whisper Systems. That’s the not-for-profit org behind the crypto and app development. It really is state of the art encryption– you don’t have to trust any middle-people because the protocol is end-to-end.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you could install it and send me a text. It’s not about “nothing to hide”, it’s about creating safe, trustworthy spaces for people to be themselves, independent of people mining everything you say and storing it or sharing it. It’s an unobtrusive app made to be straight forward and easy to use. I’d also love to get coffee or lunch sometime. I presume you’re in the area but I don’t know.

I hope you’re well!